•     You, your loved one, or family, might not fit neatly into one of the other Spectrum areas. And we recognize that this is a part of the life continuum. At any point in your life, you may have a struggle or challenge that you need to talk about with someone outside of your close circle. This can include any of the following (but is not limited... Article
  • Substance abuse doesn’t occur in a vacuum.     Often, there are underlying stressors, triggers, or co-occurring mental health diagnoses that contribute to the addiction. At MySpectrum, we will work with you to cope with your substance use and/or abuse, as well as educate you and your loved ones on the cycle of addiction and recovery. We are dedi... Article
  •     When thinking about mental health, each person is unique. As such, the way each person experiences mental health struggles is unique. While two people may have depression, each of the two people may experience the depression differently. Likewise, some people experience depression and anxiety, while other people experience panic attacks.   ... Article
  •     MySpectrum is the ideal place to turn for outpatient autism therapy in Virginia, no matter where you live in the state. In addition to traditional in-person sessions, we also offer autism teletherapy. So whether you are near our home office in North Chesterfield or all the way up in Northern Virginia, MySpectrum can provide your family with ... Article