• Teletherapy For Veterans & First Responders
  •     Being on the front lines, whether in combat or in global pandemics, takes a toll. It also takes a toll on family members and loved ones. The unknown outcomes of what the service may produce create a level of stress and anxiety that is unlike any other. At MySpectrum, we have Therapists who are able to help you and your loved ones all over th... Article
  • School can be stressful. We get that. This is why MySpectrum is offering Tele Student Therapy (TST). It doesn’t matter if you are a student in middle school, high school, college, graduate school, or trade school, we want to make sure you take care of your Mental Health while you work on your education.We serve clients all over the state of Virg... Article
  •     Looking for a convenient, confidential way for you or a loved one to get counseling or coaching? Consider the benefits of virtual counseling. One of the best parts of teletherapy is that it can occur in the privacy and comfort of your home, or wherever you choose! You don’t have to sit in a waiting room or deal with traffic or travel delays.... Article